Tom Slemen Haunted Merseyside with Tom Slemen

Bogeyman from above

There are certain paranormal entities which are very difficult to categorize, and a case in point is the strange being which is alleged to have attacked three teenagers in Halewood on Boxing Day, 2010.

The... Read more »


The Grade II-listed Anglican parish church of St Mary’s in West Derby was the unusual backdrop to a number of very strange daylight manifestations of the supernatural from the 1940s to the 1990s.

In... Read more »

The many wives of Stephen

One of the strangest cases I ever looked into concerned a 71-year-old Huytonian man named Stephen – a dead-ringer for Vincent Price with his debonair looks, pencil moustache, and a unique accentless... Read more »


Inexplicable nocturnal sounds are doing the rounds again in the North West, including Knowsley, Liverpool and parts of Wirral.

I have received numerous reports of an annoying low-pitched hum... Read more »


It’s a common fear we all harbour at the back of our minds when we lay in bed at night – the possibility that someone could be trying to break into our home. Human burglars are scary enough,... Read more »

The League of Blondes

For legal reasons I’ve had to change some of the names and places in this story, but the rest, as far as I know, is a true and very strange account.

In July 1977, a 45-year-old out of... Read more »

The devils in the church

When I was ten, I became an altar boy, and not only did I find the rites of the Catholic Church fascinating, I also listened to the intriguing stories of the older priests, and I am convinced an old... Read more »

The Pleasure Dome

One Saturday evening around 9.30pm in the early summer of 1980 Susan and Robert, a couple in their forties, were watching an American soap opera called Knot’s Landing on TV at their semi-detached... Read more »

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  • Prescot Councillor slams Knowsley park sell-off
    Local Green Party Councillor Kai Taylor has branded Knowsley Councils cabinet decision to surrender 17 parks as... Read more »
  • Knowsley Council to sell 10% of parks and green spaces
    Knowsley Council has formally accepted the recommendations of an independent review into the future management and funding... Read more »
  • For never was a story of more woe than this
    Pupils from 10 schools in Knowsley are joining nearly 30,000 pupils in nearly 1,000 schools across the country to celebrate... Read more »
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Bickerstaffe’s community spirit benefits elderly

Following their Harvest service at Holy Trinity Church, pupils from class Four at Bickerstaffe CE School generously volunteered their time and efforts into benefitting the local community.

They began with collecting the heaps of food donated... Read more »



Stockbridge Village Neighbourhood Centre, The Withens, Stockbridge Village. Priced at £2.10 per child (discounts for families) and parents get in for FREE. Activities and fun for children up to 12yrs. Giant bouncy castle, multi sports, arts and... Read more »


Protect yourself and your family this winter

With winter looming and a drop in temperature, flu incidents tend to be on the increase.  However, you can help to protect yourself and your family by having the flu jab.

For the majority of people, flu is an unpleasant, but not life-threatening... Read more »

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With Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health for Knowsley and Sefton
on November 9th, 2017

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