Tom Slemen Haunted Merseyside with Tom Slemen

The Huyton Vampire Hunter

On the Tuesday morning of 6 May 1952 at around 3.20am, a group of silhouettes was seen skulking about among the gravestones of St James’s Cemetery, a vast sunken graveyard next to the Anglican... Read more »


Across Knowsley in the early 1994, strange rumours circulated about a woman who was said to be a real-life witch and her ability to cure all sorts of ailments and conditions.

Raymond Gallantree,... Read more »

The Vamps

The following strange story was related to me many years ago.

It was Valentine’s Day, 1980, and Karl Creighton, a 20-year-old Huyton man, browsed the latest LPs at the Probe Records... Read more »


The following terrifying story took place in January 1972 in Huyton, and over the years, quite a few witnesses to the incident have spoken to me to add more detail to the account of the weird goings-on.

It... Read more »

Bogeyman from above

There are certain paranormal entities which are very difficult to categorize, and a case in point is the strange being which is alleged to have attacked three teenagers in Halewood on Boxing Day, 2010.

The... Read more »


The Grade II-listed Anglican parish church of St Mary’s in West Derby was the unusual backdrop to a number of very strange daylight manifestations of the supernatural from the 1940s to the 1990s.

In... Read more »

The many wives of Stephen

One of the strangest cases I ever looked into concerned a 71-year-old Huytonian man named Stephen – a dead-ringer for Vincent Price with his debonair looks, pencil moustache, and a unique accentless... Read more »


Inexplicable nocturnal sounds are doing the rounds again in the North West, including Knowsley, Liverpool and parts of Wirral.

I have received numerous reports of an annoying low-pitched hum... Read more »

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  • Knowsley recognised for supporting children
    A Knowsley programme for children with speech, language and communication needs has been highlighted as an example of best... Read more »
  • Order to tackle anti-social behaviour in Hillside and Page Moss
    Following consultation with residents and businesses, a Public Spaces Protection Order in the Hillside and Page Moss... Read more »
  • Celebrating International Women’s Day in Knowsley
    Knowsley Chamber of Commerce celebrated International Women’s Day at the Suites Hotel Knowsley and were delighted... Read more »
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Knowsley Community College launches new dental course

Knowsley Community College has launched an exciting new Dental Nursing course in response to the growing demand of industry professionals.

The level 3 Advanced Diploma in Dental Nursing will help students take their first steps towards a... Read more »



Hilltop Children’s Centre,Bedford Close, Huyton, L36 0XU. Come along to 8 sessions (4 before & 4 after your baby is born) to share ideas and find out more about ways to help your new baby, how babies develop, learn, communicate and thrive.... Read more »


HEALTHY KNOWSLEY The Public Health Annual Report 2018

This year, our Public Health Annual Report has been presented in a video format and focusses on healthier and happier children and young people.

We know that this is a big issue nationally, with Department of Health figures showing that one... Read more »

Posted by
Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health for Knowsley and Sefton
on April 11th, 2018

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