Love your body

In order to treat your body with the respect it needs when you are trying to lose weight you need to love it.
The old saying ‘my body is a temple’ has never been more true. It is very easy to take dieting to the extreme but you will deprive your body of vital calories and nutrients.
This sort of diet alone would be exceptionally hard to follow, but almost impossible after you add in dull skin, mood swings and constantly having no energy.
Take care of yourself! A balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables should be enough to keep you on track with your diet. Respect your body and you won’t want to put rubbish in it!
Always stay realistic! Being a size 12 may seem morbidly obese compared to the fashion models we see on a daily basis in magazines, but I assure you it is not!
The fact of the matter is that these girls are usually airbrushed, see the gym as a full time job and haven’t even looked at a chip in years.
It’s not worth it. Don’t bother teasing yourself by picking at your body or comparing it to these models.
It’s pointless and you could be spending your time doing something more productive, like drawing moustaches on their pictures instead!
We need to ask ‘why are we always wanting better?’
Of course, if your health is involved it is great to want to improve it, and having an aspiration to do better in work or at anything else in life is essential to give you drive. But where in life should we draw the line?
When should we accept things for the way they are and make the most of it? Maybe we should start to embrace life with cellulite and a bit of a double chin. Stop obsessing.
Start to see a lifestyle change as something that will make you healthier, not just as a punishment you must go through temporarily in order to banish your love handles.
A healthy lifestyle starts with the mind.
Anyone can change their diet without thinking too much about it, inevitably, they will be asking for failure.
By changing the way you view your lifestyle and how much importance you put on your health, you will see the benefits whilst not even noticing the bad parts, or at least much less than you would if you just went on a diet.
Don’t talk yourself down. Look at your positives and build on that. Confidence is the key to keeping your motivation levels up. Believe in yourself and you will know that you can, and will, succeed.
If you have any questions or need any hep or information you can contact me at: emma@zestwellness.co.uk

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