Beauty in the natural world

Regardless of the activity, nature and the countryside has been always high on my list of things to avoid.
Trekking around country fields mingling with mud and sheep has never been my thing, nor has been walking up a big hill or mountain to simply stir over the edge and then walk back down.
At aged 14, the height of my ignorant, sarcastic teenage self I found myself sulkily stomping up a hill in Wales. Hearing my moaning the teacher said: “But just look at the view Jess!”
I replied with the ever witty line of a year nine, “But miss, if I wanted to look at the view I could google it!”
I’ve retained that idea since, particularly when in 2012 I had to go on a camping trip and use the natural outdoors as a toilet.
Never. Ever. Again. See, I’ve just never ‘got’ the idea of nature, I’ve never appreciated the scenery, and the fresh wind has just made my ever rosy cheeks even redder.
As of late however, I’ve become a keen nature enthusiast. Well, as keen as a city loving girl scared of insects and mud could ever be. I mean I’ll probably always protest at the thought of wearing a waterproof mac and wellies purely for practical purposes, but hey, I’m getting there!
This turn around has only occurred in the past few months however and my conversion seems to have taken place pretty quickly, so I thought I’d share a few moments that have made me see all the beauty in the natural world.
Photo 1: I’d place the starting point back to my week in Spain this summer. My best friend and I spent the evenings at a music festival quite high in the mountains of Benecassim. It was on the first evening I looked up and saw this view illuminated by the setting sun. It was one of them moments where everything was so beautiful. A combination of a indie band placing a set somewhere off to the distance, soaking our feet in the pool and the ultimate relaxation after two stressful years of A levels. Bliss.
Photo 2: This is me on a real tractor in Omagh, Northern Ireland. I spent the last few days of August there meeting loads of Irish family. I was shocked how everyone has loads of animals and fields just for fun! All my Irish relations found it incredibly funny I made them put all the chickens in the coup before I ventured outside. However, I noticed how much the simple way of life is amazing, and it’s so nice to live wifi free occasionally!
Photo 3: Was taken last weekend on a beach in Wales! I’ve always loved the beach and its simple beauty. New Brighton is my all time favourite but Talacre where this was taken is also lovely and relaxing. Being outdoors with the cold wind hitting your face and making your hair messy really is the best way to get away from it all for a few hours. Watching the waves and collecting pretty pebbles feels practically soul restoring.
Photo 4: This photo was from the other day, I simply stumbled upon this lovely fire toned leaf outside my front door and thought it was the perfect summary of Autumn. Brown boots, a hint a scarf and the beautiful falling leaves. The change of the seasons is a breathtaking look at the power of nature and I’m exciting to feel all this awe again when the first signs of spring appear next year.

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on February 1st, 2019

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