Diet Myths

There are many theories about the ‘best’ way to lose weight or diet. And some of these theories are just complete myths! For the truth on some of these well trusted theories read on.

Carbohydrates are fattening
Although low carbohydrate diets have been popular recently, evidence still suggests it is the excess of calories which causes weight gain, and not necessary the types of food we are eating.
However not all carbohydrates have equal health benefits, don’t forget that fruit and vegetables are carbohydrates too! Choose carefully, brown is usually best as white carbohydrates are refined and often contain less fibre which is important for the good digestive health.

Dairy should be avoided if trying to lose weight
Similar to carbohydrates, dairy should not be completely avoided when dieting. Dairy contains calcium alongside many other vitamins and minerals which are essential for good health.
There has even been studies which suggest compared to people on low dairy diets, those consuming the same amount of calories on a higher dairy diet lost more weight. This is thought to be due to calcium in the diary although further research is needed to prove this theory.
However common sense is key. Eating large amounts of cheese and other high fat dairy products will not help with weight loss. Ensure to incorporate some dairy into your diet whilst monitoring it does not lead to excess calorie consumption.

Fruit and vegetables have to be fresh in order to give the most benefits
A common misconception is that healthy diets have to include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables rather than canned or frozen versions. It is this cost of fresh produce which often leads people to believe it is not economical to have a healthy diet. This simply is not true. Frozen and canned vegetables are frozen soon after being farmed and so there is often even higher nutritional value than fresh versions. This is as fresh produce has lost many of its vitamins in transportation and may be several days or even weeks old when it reaches our plate.

Salad is the best thing to eat when on a diet
There is no doubting salad is a good diet food by itself. The problems with salad start when we add to it. Sauces, croutons and bacon are just a few things which will bump up the calories of your salad.
However there is the other side of the spectrum. Many people who diet believe very simple meals such as plain salad or chicken and vegetables are the only things you can eat. Variety is key in any diet as it should be seen as a lifestyle change rather than a temporary fix. It is almost impossible to eat these same foods over and over again and usually ultimately end in giving up and getting a takeaway.
The truth really is everything in moderation! This variation enables you to get all your essential vitamins and minerals into your diet, stops you being bored and leads to a healthy lifestyle and healthy body.
If you have any questions or need any hep or information you can contact me at: emma@zestwellness.co.uk

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