Project aims to end ‘period poverty’ in schools

A Prescot couple are on a mission to end period poverty in local schools.

Clare and Karl Duvall have set up a local branch of the Red Box Project, an initiative that places constantly stocked boxes of sanitary wear in schools, where girls can obtain free sanitary products, such as towels and tampons, when they need them.

The charity say that they “quietly ensure that no young woman misses out on her education because of her period.” It is nationwide but depends on local volunteers to set up the project in each area.

The Red Box Project Prescot set up its first Red Box, where girls can take away what they need in a plain paper bag, in the Prescot School in September. Within 10 days, the Duvalls had established seven donation points and received a £100 donation from Home Bargains.

At present Red boxes are available at The Prescot School, St Edmund Arrowsmith, Prescot Primary School, Halsnead Community Primary School, Meadow Park School and Eccleston Lane, there are plans to extend to every school in Prescot and Whiston and also plans are also being made to start a Rainhill Red Box Project.

Clare said: “Girls are already saying it’s changed their lives not having to worry about buying them. We’ve had an overwhelming response from the community and fantastic feedback from schools.

“One pupil said that the project ‘makes us feel as if someone is looking after us’, and another said it ‘gives us so much dignity.’”

“People ask us what period poverty is, this is when women can’t access or can’t afford to buy sanitary products even though the cost of items may be as little as just a few pounds a month.

“When finances are stretched at the time of need, however, some girls still in education can find themselves having to choose between basics such as food, the bus journey home and a box of tampons.

“The Knock-on effects of period poverty can include anxiety, social embarrassment and missing school.”

If you think you’d benefit from the Red Box Project or can help by donating, follow  @RedPrescot on Twitter or find The Red Box Project – Prescot on Facebook.
You can also donate money via the Red Box Project Prescot JustGiving page.

What you can donate to the Red Box  Project Prescot

You can buy and donate any of the following items:
•  Sanitary towels
•  Tampons
•  Panty liners
•  New knickers (for spares, ages  9-13, sizes 6-18)
•  Moist, flushable toilet wipes
•  Small, roll-on deodorants
•  New flannels
•  Small bodywashes

You can leave your donations at any of the following drop-off points in and around Prescot:
•  Jessie & Co, Leyland Street
•  The Albion Bakehouse, Leyland Street
•  VIP Laundry, Greene Road, Whiston
•  Eaton Street Park Pavilion
•  Prescot Town Hall, Warrington Road
•  Tesco Extra, Cables Retail Park
•  Knowsley Resource & Recovery 
   Mental Health Service, Whiston Hospital
•  Lindsey’s Luscious Melts
•  Claire (in Eccleston Park, email:

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on February 1st, 2019

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