Bogeyman from above

There are certain paranormal entities which are very difficult to categorize, and a case in point is the strange being which is alleged to have attacked three teenagers in Halewood on Boxing Day, 2010.

The three teens were Dylan, Rory and Jack, all aged 13, and on the Sunday morning of 26 December, 2010 – Boxing Day, at around 7am, Jack left his home on Halewood’s Rutland Avenue and walked up Church Road, where he met his friends Rory and Dylan at the Okell Drive/Cambridge Lane roundabout.

Jack slowly trudged through crispy frozen snow texting his friends, and as he passed the graveyard of St Nicholas – Halewood Parish Church – he heard someone whistling an eerie echoing tune.

The teenager looked about but saw no one. The sun had not yet risen but the predawn light was bright enough to show Jack that no one was around.

He heard the weird whistling sound again, and this time, Jack thought that the whistler was above him, and he gingerly looked up.

A waning gibbous moon hung above, and a bright point of light – the planet Venus - was hanging in the eastern sky.

Jack had been certain that the whistling sound had come from up in the sky, which, of course, seemed impossible.

The teen felt very uneasy as the whistled melody came to an abrupt end, and he was only too glad when he saw Dylan and Rory in the distance, about 150 yards away, heading in his direction.

When the lads met, Rory said he had lost his remote-control plane. The whole reason the boys had arranged to meet so early on such a wintry morning was to fly an old remote-control model airplane belonging to Rory over some farmland near the roundabout.

A rocket that had been saved from Guy Fawkes Night had been taped to the plane, and the plan was to light the fuse of the rocket and then fly it as far up into the air as possible before the rocket would hopefully boost it to a high altitude.

Instead, the rocket had not gone off and the plane had flown across the farmland and had been lost to sight somewhere in the direction of Gerrard’s Lane, where it had gone out of range of the radio controller.

“I thought you were going to wait till I got there?” Jack moaned to Rory, when suddenly, the teenaged trio heard what they would later describe as mad laughter. Rory glanced up and said, “Look!”
Jack and Dylan followed the line of his gaze and also looked heavenwards, and they could not believe their eyes.

The figure of a man in a brown tight-fitting suit was descending rapidly, and the first thing Jack thought of was that the man had jumped out of a plane and his parachute had failed to open. The figure slowed down though, whereas a doomed parachutist would accelerate due to gravity as each second passed.

Thinking the falling man would land on them, the three teens scattered, but because the ground was so slippery with the snow and ice, Jack and Rory fell over, whereas Dylan literally dived through the thick spiny hedge bordering the cemetery of the parish church.

Dylan expected to hear the body impacting into the ground but all he heard was screaming laughter and the cries of Rory.

Jack got to his feet and witnessed a terrifying sight: the man in that brown suit was hovering a few feet over Rory and he was making grabbing motions at the lad’s mop of curly hair.

Rory’s nickname was ketwig because his hair was so overgrown and unruly, and this weird hovering man was trying to grab at his hair, but Rory kept batting his hands away as he tried to get up off the ground.

The face of the levitating man looked very sinister; it was as white as the snow lying about, and he had black swept-back eyebrows, large almond-shaped eyes, a sharp, pointed nose, and a large grinning mouth with vivid red lips and jagged long teeth.

Dylan said the man also wore black calf-length boots and that his one-piece brown suit was similar to a boiler suit.

One second the figure was attacking Rory, and then in a flash the thing seemed to fly up into the air to an estimated altitude of about 300 feet or more.

It hovered, stationary, and then the three terrified lads heard distant screams of laughter, and the unearthly entity swooped down at them again.

Dylan told Jack and Rory to come through the hedge to hide from the nightmarish being, and they did as he suggested and the three of them took shelter under a tree.

A Hackney cab came down the road and Rory ran out from the hedge to flag it down. The cab stopped and the driver naturally eyed him suspiciously.

Rory begged the cabby to take him and his two friends – who scrambled out from the cover of the hedge – to his home on Clifton Avenue.

“Get in,” said the taxi driver, and he asked the three young teenagers what they were doing out so early on Boxing Day and on such an inclement morning. Rory told him about the weird  figure which had swooped down and attacked him and his friends.

As the cabby smiled at Rory’s seemingly far-fetched story, everyone in the cab heard someone whistling loud – and it seemed to be coming from somewhere near.

Something thumped the top of the cab hard three times, and the cabby caught sight of something brown flitting upwards and to the right in his right wing mirror.

He slowed the cab, wound down the window, stuck his head out, trying to see what the thing was, but Rory became hysterical and told the driver not to stop.

Jack and Dylan had to calm their friend down because he became so panic-stricken, he started to hyperventilate.

No one believed the weird account given by the three teens, but I heard about the incident a few years later, and it reminded me of a similar report found in my files dated Boxing Day, 1970, only this time the victims were two teenaged girls (aged 14 and 15) and the venue was Spencer’s Lane, Aintree.

On this occasion the incident happened on a snowy Saturday evening, and the girls - on their way to meet two boys - said a man in black came screaming down out of the night sky and had tried to grab them, but the teens screamed and ran home after escaping from the clutches of the airborne assailant.

I wonder if the entity which attacked them – described as having a very pale face – was the very same one which attached the teens in 2010 – and if so, what on earth is it?

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