Inexplicable nocturnal sounds are doing the rounds again in the North West, including Knowsley, Liverpool and parts of Wirral.

I have received numerous reports of an annoying low-pitched hum which sometimes sounds like a swarm of hyperactive bees behind the walls of the dwelling when it’s heard indoors and at other times the unidentified sound is reminiscent of a diesel engine idling in the distance.

This sound has been heard all over the country and even beyond our shores, and not only in the 21st century either; it was heard in the 1970s, 1950s and there is even a report in the now-defunct Manchester City News, dated 8 May, 1878, which calls the enigmatic humming sound plaguing North England “the hummadruz”.

In recent years, the ubiquitous hum has been followed by some very strange phenomena – people have been awakened by it in the dead of night to find themselves completely paralyzed, and whilst they are in this state of immobility, some bizarre and frightening things have happened to some victims which defy our logic.

At a house on Kingsway, Huyton, on the Thursday night of 17 September 2009 at 11.40pm, a 27-year-old hairdresser named Bethany Aries was watching Dragon’s Den, the TV series about entrepreneurs presenting their products, when she dozed off on the sofa.

She awoke around midnight, and set the alarm, turned every light out except the one on the landing, then went up to her bedroom carrying her young housecat Rio.

The cat usually curled up on the duvet, but tonight for some reason, he slept in his basket in the corner of the bedroom.

Bethany became aware of a low-frequency sound at this point, and so she checked the plug-points in the room, thinking she had left one of the power-chargers of her mobile or iPad on.

The transformers in these chargers often emitted a barely audible buzz, but they were all switched off.

Bethany decided the hum must be coming from somewhere outside, and she relaxed back into the bed, and was soon sleeping soundly.

She awoke at around 4:20am and immediately noticed that the bed was bathed in a soft green light – and she also became aware of that humming sound she had heard earlier and it was now much louder.

Bethany tried to yawn – but she could not move a muscle – only her eyes, and moving them took some effort.

Panic gripped the hairdresser as she wondered if she had suffered a stroke, but then she saw something which made her think she was still dreaming.

To her left, a bizarre little figure which resembled a doll with a disproportionately large bald head walked from her left, and its little feet trod on her shoulder as it walked over the bed.

The weird miniature humanoid was about fifteen inches in height, and of an olive green colour. Bethany had the natural urge to get out of that bed and run, but she couldn’t move.

She suddenly regained the ability to move her head slightly, and she looked to the right, and saw another little green entity sitting on the right side of her chest.

The eyes of the doll-size being were black with a golden speck in the middle, and to Bethany, there was something feminine about the face of the unearthly entity, which was touching her hands (which were resting on one another on her chest).

A third figure, out of sight because it was behind Bethany’s head, was running its tiny hand over her nose and lips.

Bethany opened her mouth slightly, trying to scream out for help, but found she could not make a sound, and the little green hand gripped her lips and her front teeth.

The dwarfish green figure who she had noticed first suddenly turned around and he was holding a rod with a ball at one end, and he was prodding Bethany’s upper arm with it. This figure had masculine features and smiled at her in a way that made her flesh creep.

This diminutive intruder suddenly started speaking in some unintelligible language to the feminine being seated on Bethany’s chest. The babble sounded similar to Welsh to Bethany, but it was spoken at a fast rate and was very monotonic.

The three toy-sized beings explored Bethany’s face, hands and arms for what seemed like an hour, and then they walked to the edge of the bed and jumped off.

About a minute after this, Rio the cat leaped onto the bed, startling Bethany – who discovered that she had regained the ability to move.

Bethany Aries got out of that bed, turned on the main ceiling light, and looked at the floor, expecting to see the little pygmy-like trio, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Bethany was so shaken by the strange incident, she tried to sleep on the sofa down in the lounge but her nerves remained on edge and she was unable to get a wink of shut eye.

She told Amanda, a close friend at the hairdressing and beauty salon about the weird figures and the paralysis, but she assured Bethany she had been overtired and had been dreaming she was awake – having a very realistic lucid dream which she had mistaken for a real incident.

Bethany was absolutely sure the invasion of her bed by the three little people had not been a dream, although she could not explain what they were, and she hoped she’d never see them again.

Amanda advised Bethany to get a man in her life again, and somehow suggested that the alleged dream had been caused by Bethany being nervous about sleeping on her own.

Then, on Christmas Eve 2009, Bethany went to bed at precisely midnight, and at this time she was seeing a man named Scott, who worked as a nurse at a residential care home in Liverpool. He was working through the night till eight in the morning, and Bethany texted him a long romantic message, then turned the bedside lamp off and fell fast asleep.

She awoke at 3:20 am. Not only did the hairdresser feel cold – she also felt a sharp pulsating pain in the big toe of her left foot.

As she opened her eyes, Bethany saw that same greenish light she had seen four months back when she had encountered those little people, and she heard that distinctive humming sound again.

The duvet was not on her, and when she looked towards the bottom of the bed, she saw two of those diddy green people kneeling at her left foot, and one of them was hitting her big toe with what looked like a tiny ice pick.

This time, Bethany was able to move and she kicked at the little figures and they were knocked clean off the bed. She heard them making high-pitched noises on the floor.

Bethany sprung out of the bed and ran down to the lounge, where she sat, wondering what to do. She didn’t fancy telephoning Scott because she thought he’d think she was nuts, so she sat it out till daybreak.

Since that yuletide encounter with the little people, Bethany has not seen them, and hopes it stays that way.

I told Bethany that I have received many reports of these undersized pests over the years, and just a few weeks ago, night nurses in a Liverpool hospital even saw them on a patient’s bed in a darkened ward.

I feel these ‘minikins’ as I label them, are just curious explorers from another dimension, but beware, because reports of them seem to be on the increase...

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Posted by
Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health for Knowsley and Sefton
on April 11th, 2018

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