Theo is a ‘Superstar Fundraiser’

By Anthony Walsh

A young boy from Knowsley has helped donate over 500 chocolate eggs to a local foodbank to be handed out to children in need over the Easter holidays.

Eight-year-old Theo Vassoy, who attends Evelyn Community Primary School in Prescot, collected 550 chocolate eggs for Big Help Project’s Knowsley Foodbank with the help of AFC Knowsley, and has received praise as a ‘superstar fundraiser’ for his efforts.

Theo made his first collection for the foodbank in 2020 after being inspired by Marcus Rashford, and is already an ambassador for Big Help Project’s efforts in Knowsley.

“It means a lot because I don't like that children are hungry when they're not in school and I want to change that.” Theo said when he was given his ambassador title.

“I love football and I learned from Marcus Rashford about children being hungry and not having much food. I wanted to do something like he did but for the children in my area so I asked my football club (AFC Knowsley) if we could start collecting food to donate to Knowsley Foodbank.”

Media and marketing co-ordinator for Big Help Project, Jorden Williams told The Challenge about how Theo’s donation was such an amazing achievement, and how, thanks to Theo’s efforts, many children won’t have to miss out on celebrating Easter.

“We think it’s absolutely brilliant, Theo is an absolute inspiration to us, in previous years we were busy, but we’ve noticed a drop off in donations lately, we put that down to people not having as much disposable income right now.”

Theo’s parents Rachel and Michael have expressed how proud they are of their son’s attitude and efforts in raising so much for those less fortunate: “We are all so proud of Theo and his work with the foodbank as part of his ambassador role for The Big Help Project. 

“He understands the need for food donations for all ages but we particularly love that he sees things from a child's point of view and wants to treat the children in his community.

“None of this would be possible though, without the support of our family, friends, Theo and Sonny’s school and Theo's football team and club. We are always so overwhelmed by how keen everyone is to contribute.”

Big Help Project is currently assisting around 3000 people across all of their operations in Liverpool and the surrounding area, with 477 food parcels departing from Knowsley foodbank in February alone. These are some of BHP’s biggest numbers since the height of the pandemic. 

Jorden said that these figures are expected to climb even higher as energy prices in recent times have climbed higher and higher.

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  • Theo is a ‘Superstar Fundraiser’
    A young boy from Knowsley has helped donate over 500 chocolate eggs to a local foodbank to be handed out to children in need over the Easter holidays... Read more »
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on March 7th, 2022

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