Mayors urge MPs to back Hillsborough Law

In advance of the 33rd anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, in which 97 men, women and children were unlawfully killed, Steve Rotheram, Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, and Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, have written to all 650 British MPs, urging them to give their backing to a Hillsborough Law. 

The latest action comes in the wake of a major cross-party “Hillsborough Law Now” event in January this year, which saw bereaved families, former Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and Theresa May, and a host of high-profile public figures come together to call for a major re-balancing of the justice system to prevent others going through what the Hillsborough families have gone through.  

In the letter the Mayors ask MPs for two commitments: first, to make a personal commitment to the principle of a comprehensive Hillsborough Law; and second, to call on the government to commit to introducing it in the forthcoming Queen’s Speech. 

The letter also states: We write to you in advance of the 33rd anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster – one of the darkest events in British history – to ask for your support to make the Hillsborough Law a reality. 

The story of Hillsborough goes well beyond football rivalries or party politics. 

It is a story of immense loss, decades-long cover-up and the comprehensive failure of the British legal system to deliver truth, justice and accountability for bereaved families. 

Ninety-seven innocent men, women, and children were unlawfully killed during an FA Cup match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on 15th April 1989. And yet, after more than three decades of victim-blaming and lies, nobody has been held accountable for the unlawful killing of so many.  

For families bereaved by more recent events, such Grenfell and the Manchester Arena attack, the parallels between their experiences and those of the Hillsborough families are already clear. 

The reason why this pattern keeps on repeating is simple: the scales of justice are weighed against ordinary families and in favour of public authorities who hold all the power. 

Levelling up must be about more than just large-scale infrastructure projects. It should be about levelling up those scales of justice so that the truth is established at the first opportunity, allowing justice and accountability to follow. It is about sparing grieving families the secondary trauma that is so often caused by cruel treatment at the hands of the legal system.  

So the need for a Hillsborough Law is clear. A fundamental re-balancing of the legal, coronial and judicial systems, creating a level playing field for bereaved families with agencies of the state, will prevent future generations experiencing the injustices we have seen in our lifetimes. 

On this 33rd anniversary, we are calling on you as a Member of Parliament to do two things: first, to make a personal commitment to the principle of a comprehensive Hillsborough Law; second, to call on the government to commit to introducing it in the forthcoming Queen’s Speech. 

It is now almost five years since Bishop James Jones delivered his report on the experience of the Hillsborough families at the hands of the system. The fact that the government is still formally to respond to that report is itself disrespectful to the Hillsborough families. 

In the years since that report was first published, new issues have arisen from the criminal trials related to Hillsborough that must also be addressed. We believe there is a case for incorporating other measures into the proposed Hillsborough Law:   

  • A requirement that the evidence and findings of major inquests must be taken fully into account at any subsequent criminal trials. 
  • Clarification in law that major inquiries commissioned by the government or other official bodies constitute courses of public justice. 
  • A requirement that any criminal trials following a major inquest take place in a court with relevant expertise and status rather than a crown court. 

We believe that a Bill to introduce a comprehensive Hillsborough Law, based on the foundations set out above, should be brought forward by the government without delay with cross-party support and full Parliamentary time. 

The Hillsborough families will most probably never see true justice done. But they can at least prevent others in future experiencing what they did through a powerful Hillsborough Law. 

We are confident that any conscientious MP will understand the case we are making. The fact that so much of an MP’s time is spent fighting systems and processes that fail ordinary people is evidence of the need for reform. If the truth was told at the first time of asking, so many people would be spared years of unnecessary anguish and trauma. 

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