Bickerstar pupil passionate to teach!

Bickerstaffe CE Primary School is a school where pupils are always reminded that when they leave the school in Year 6, although they are no longer part of the school, they are always part of the Bickerstaffe family! 

This is particularly true for one past pupil, Isobel Housley. 

Isobel left Bickerstaffe Primary School in July 2014 and attended St Bede’s Catholic High School. She has close connections with Bickerstaffe, Holy Trinity and St Michael’s Aughton parishes, as her dad is Reverend Andrew Housley.  

After volunteering in school at the end of Year 11, Isobel was so motivated by what she saw at the school that over the last two years she has continued to volunteer twice weekly in school. 

Isobel has become an integral part of the school, bringing her passion for music and performing to the children of Bickerstaffe School. As a result of this time spent in school Isobel has made the decision to go into teaching, hopefully beginning in September 2021 at John Moore’s University. 

Isobel said: “The staff and pupils at Bickerstaffe School have been a huge influence on my decision to go into teaching. I am hugely grateful for all the opportunities that going into school has presented me with and the support that I have received from everyone.”

Miss O’Kane, headteacher at Bickerstaffe Primary School said: “Isobel is always on hand to lend her skills which recently led to her redecorating the school sensory room. The school have had a sensory space for the last year, however we wanted to develop this space to make it more accessible for all children. Isobel got stuck in, painting and decorating the space as she realised how much the children at Bickerstaffe School needed this safe space. 

“Having Isobel give her time so freely over the last two years has been a huge help for school. In particular the dedication she has shown to redecorating the sensory room and the immediate benefit it has given to our children will be remembered for many years to come. 

“We wish her all the best for September but the children and the staff will miss her very much.” 

Bickerstaffe CE Primary School is nestled in the picturesque village of Bickerstaffe, which is on the outskirts of Ormskirk, Rainford and Kirkby with close links to the M58 and M6. 


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