The mystery of “Mr Wobbly”

On 21 March 2005, at a house on Bentham Drive, Childwall, Rhea, a 32-year-old woman who originally hailed from Dovecot, let her 4-year-old daughter Bella sleep with her because the girl had said he’d had another nightmare about “the Wobbly Man” – a bogeyman that haunted the child’s imagination as far as Rhea was concerned. 

Rhea told Bella that Mr Wobbly wasn’t real and that no monsters were allowed in the house because the cat, Parker, would frighten them off. 

Bella said the Wobbly Man was real and that he could get in the house by coming through the wall. Rhea eventually calmed her daughter down and she fell asleep beside her as they both watched cartoons on the telly. 

Around half-past one that morning, Rhea dozed off after she’d texted her husband who was working nights as a security guard.

Just after 2 am, Bella woke her mum up and pointed to the wall, and there was a weird shadow of something with two arms and two legs, but the limbs looked long and rubbery, and they squirmed like tentacles. 

Rhea realised something at the window was casting that shadow and she turned to see what it was and froze in shock.

“That's him, mummy,” said Bella, nodding at the freak pinkish rubbery-looking entity at the window. 

It was standing on the window ledge outside and its whole body and torso undulated and its arms and legs wriggled and writhed. Rhea picked up her daughter and went downstairs. 

She called her husband and told him what she had seen and he thought she was joking at first. Realising his wife had experienced something uncanny, the security guard got permission to go home, and by now the thing at the window had vanished, but he knew his wife – and child – were not liars, but he couldn’t explain what the thing had been. Fortunately “Mr Wobbly” never returned.

An entity of an identical description to the highly flexible entity has been seen right across our region, and a high number of incidents have been in Knowsley, but first we have to go to Tuebrook. 

In April 2010, a 10-year-old girl named Chantelle invited her best friend Serena – who lived in Halewood – to a sleepover at her house on Lisburn Lane, Tuebrook. The girls watched their favourite TV shows in Chantelle’s room and ate pizza and drank soft drinks until around midnight, when they finally fell fast asleep. 

Both girls awoke around 3am to what sounded like a baby crying somewhere, and Serena said the sounds were coming from outside. The girls went to the window and looked through the blinds – and they both saw something which would give them nightmares for years. 

Standing on the kerb on Lisburn Lane was a weird figure. It looked partly human, only it had long wriggling arms that resembled the tentacles of an octopus. It walked along on all fours with a strange gait, and Chantelle let out a scream.

The unearthly creature jumped, startled by the scream, and turned to look at the window. Serena saw that the head was bald, and looked shiny – almost plastic – and it had two large eyes and a long nose. 

Before the girls could get away from the window, the thing ran at a phenomenal speed towards Chantelle’s house and it tried to climb the wall to the window. The girls became hysterical when they saw the entity do this, and Chantelle’s parents and her two older brothers burst into the room. 

The adults all saw nothing, and the father went outside and said there was a strong smell like ammonia hanging in the air. The whole thing was dismissed as a nightmare, but when Serena went home, she had the continual feeling she was being watched by something. 

Three days later, Serena saw the terrifying entity with the tentacles for arms and legs outside her house on Baileys Lane as the girl stood on her doorstep, looking for her cat at 9:30pm. It was peeping over the fence at her. Serena screamed, backed into the house and slammed the door. 

The child’s mother looked through the parlour window and saw a head peeping at her over the top of a telephone junction box, but believed it was just a youth messing about.

That night, Serena’s father told his wife that he had seen the thing his daughter had described at the end of the back garden around 8pm, and at first he thought he was seeing things. He described the tentacular limbs of the creature – seen in silhouette – as he was getting a breath of fresh air in the kitchen doorway. The weird being slithered over the fence and vanished into the darkness. 

Thankfully, Serena, her friend Chantelle and the families of the girls saw or heard no more of the creepy entity.

In May, 1974, at a house on Manor Farm Road, Huyton, a 14-year-old boy named Carl was awakened in his bed one night around 11:45pm to the sounds of something metallic. To Carl’s ears, it sounded like someone dropping the lid of a dustbin on the floor of his bedroom. 

The boy turned on his bedside lamp, and the shock of seeing the bizarre and terrifying creature at the bottom of his bed struck him with paralysis; he was scared rigid. The thing vaguely resembled a man, only it was standing on four tentacle-like limbs, and it had a long thin pointed nose. It hissed at Carl, then vanished. 

The lad regained the power to move and ran to his mum and dad downstairs.

Predictably, the adults said Carl had just had a nightmare, but to this day, he knows that thing – whatever it was – was real.

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