Foundation’s bid to save more lives

Equipment intended to save the lives of knife crime victims has been launched by the family of stabbing victim Adam Ellison.

Adam, 29, was stabbed in the neck with an unknown weapon as he walked home in Prescot on Saturday 4 November, 2017, he was taken to hospital for surgery but died that morning.

His family set up a charity in his name ADAM (Achieving Dreams And Memories) after his family and friends were overwhelmed by the support they received from the wider community in response to his death. 

They decided to set up ADAM (achieving dreams and memories) in his memory which is a not for proud organisation. 

Suzanne Lawrenson, vice secretary Adam Foundation, said “We also wanted to keep Adams memory alive and to keep his face at the forefront of everybody’s mind, to hopefully bring the family and Adam the much needed justice they deserve. 

“As well as this, the family wanted to educate children and young  people to raise awareness of the impact and consequences of knife crime. 

“We are proud to announce our initiative started in January 2020 and to date we have delivered awareness sessions to approx 400 across Knowsley 

“After being contacted by Knifesavers, a charity set up by local trauma surgeons, myself and Adams auntie, Julie Atkinson attended a and observed a training session at Aintree hospital. We were totally overwhelmed by the commitment of the volunteers and their aim to reduce knife crime.

“We managed to secure funding for bleed kits to pubs, restaurants and some schools and colleges in Prescot and Whiston community. 

“We worked with Knifesavers to identify hotspots and ensure we offered kits to the relevant venues in that area.  

“We are really proud that, despite, the pandemic we have managed to distribute 38 kits. 

“The kits are crucial in stemming the flow of blood for the vital  time from when some is stabbed until the emergency services arrive and can administer emergency first  aid 

“It was out our intention to organise a launch event but due to the pandemic this isn’t possible. However, we are working closely with Knifesavers to deliver some training to all recipients of the kits via virtual zoom sessions 

“Going forward we are hoping we can secure sufficient funding to distribute the kits throughout the borough of Knowsley  

“Sadly we will never know if this kit would of saved Adam, but his family and the foundation committee feel that with such kits being easily accessible in the community in the event of an emergency they will help prevent a fatality. 
"We believe through the work of the Foundation  this will be a lasting legacy to  Adam."

The kit has gauze, a tourniquet, scissors, an app on mobile phones giving advice on injuries and more.

One of these kits recently saved the life of a 16-year-old boy at Riverside College after three boys were stabbed earlier this month.

There is also an app which can be downloaded called Knifesavers

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on October 1st, 2020

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